Gambit Corporation Precision Metal Forming
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Gambit Corporation
Precision Metal Forming
Since 1962, Gambit Corporation has been manufacturing parts and providing engineering
support for OEMs and distributors in the semiconductor, medical, electronics and
computer industries. We manufacture:

Platinum, silver alloys



Beryllium copper

Stainless or basic steel


Cold-roll strip


Diameter .003 - .125"

Length up to 9"


Thickness .001 - .060"

Maximim Width is 1"

Maximim Feed Length 9"


Straight and cut tungsten

Custom molded

Bare print wires

We design and build tools and dies in-house,
allowing us to reduce turnaround time and ensure
quality. With our state-of-the-art, computer-aided
drafting stations, we have the abilityto design
extremely accurate dies and make engineering
changes quickly. We have a clean inspection
facility, SPC capabilities, and use the
ISO 9001 : 2008 as a guide for quality control.
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Whether you are looking for strip metal formings, flat springs, clips, contacts, brackets,
terminals, pins, probes, dot matrix print wires or other stampings and multislide formings,
contact Gambit today for a rapid prototype or a quote.
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We provide our customers with fourslide, multislide and traditional stamping processes
to manufacture needed parts. We work with you to determine the most cost effective
and appropriate manufacturing process for your needs.

Fourslide and multislide machines can be more economical when producing small springs,
stampings and wireforms, because the traditional die and stamp press method is not required.
Materials can be purchased to finished width, reducing scrap.

Our fourslide and multislide machines are capable of making many parts from wire or flat
stock. We manufacture very small, intricate parts, which may require bends greater
than 90° or multiple bends and twists. We also produce larger components.

While standard punch presses do
not possess the operational flexibility
of fourslide and multislide machines,
our conventional high-speed presses
provide cost-effective production. Our
presses range from 10 to 22 tons that
are capable of making 500 parts
per minute.
Gambit provides a wide range of wire forming capabilities with state of the art
wire forming machinery. 2D and 3D wire forms, as well as high speed multi-forming,
give us the ability to meet your wire forming needs.
  • High-speed fourslide wire formers
  • Automatic counter rotating
    wire straighteners
  • Special benders
  • In-house tooling
  • Low- or high-carbon wire
  • Galvanized and stainless steel wire
  • Special materials upon request
In addition to our fourslide, multislide, stamping
and wire-forming manufacturing services,
Gambit provides a wide range of support
services to meet your needs.
  • Fourslide
  • Multislide
  • Stamping
  • Wire forming
  • Engineering support
  • Rapid prototying
  • In-house de-burring and heat-treating
  • Light assembly
  • Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Just-in-time inventory
Gambit Corporation brings
many years of experience to supporting engineers with various projects. In many cases we
can make recommendations that make parts more cost effective. In other cases we
help solve problems that have developed with parts. For example, sometimes engineers
do a little "over-engineering," adding features that may be unnecessary or specifying
a more expensive material. It's sometimes difficult for an engineer to step back and see
the alternative, so Gambit helps by recommending variations on
designs and materials.
With our Computer Aided Drafting stations, we are able to quickly design dies when
necessary, prototype your design and make engineering changes quickly.
We provide deburring and heat treating in-house, reducing lead time and cost and
allowing us to better assure quality.
Our light assembly service can help you cut costs in your supply and manufacturing
chain and give you greater flexibility, reducing overhead caused by high levels of inventory.
Gambit provides inspection services for its customers. The company has a clean
inspection facility, SPC capabilities, and use the ISO 9001 : 2008 as a guide for quality.
Gambit can provide quality, in-house packaging of parts per your specifications.
Gambit provides just-in-time delivery, helping our customers
get the parts they need when they need them and save on inventory carrying costs.
Gambit specializes in precision metal stamping of small high quality wire and strip metal formed parts to customer specifications. We are equipped to support engineering, product development, prototype to production stamping, and "Just in Time" delivery.

Gambit manufactures wire and strip metal formed parts from various materials including platinum and silver alloys, tungsten, nickel through phosphor bronze, stainless to basic steel, wire and cold rolled strip. We can produce a wide range of flat springs, clips, contacts, brackets, terminals, pins, probes and other metal parts to exact customer specifications. In addition to manufacturing, we perform product & tooling design, metal stamping prototype & production, machining, clean room assembly, inspection, packing and shipping.

Gambit was founded in 1962 by Charles Palmer to engineer and manufacture parts for a variety of industries. Mr. Palmer studied engineering at Caltech in Pasadena, California, and has a Business Degree from Stanford University.

Today Gambit is run by George Weise. George joined Gambit in 1980 as a Tool and Die Maker and tool designer/fourslide master. He has been dedicated ever since to providing cost effective and quality solutions to Gambit's customers.
We serve many OEM customers by providing fourslide, multislide, stamping and wire
form manufacturing, engineering support, rapid prototyping, just-in-time inventory, in-house
deburring and heat treating, packaging, light assembly and inspection.