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We provide our customers with fourslide, multislide and traditional stamping processes to manufacture needed parts. We work with you to determine the most cost effective and appropriate manufacturing process for your needs.

fourslide, multislide, and traditional stamping Fourslide and Multislide

Fourslide and multislide machines can be more economical when producing small springs, stampings and wireforms, because the traditional die and stamp press method is not required. Materials can be purchased to finished width, reducing scrap.

Our fourslide and multislide machines are capable of making many parts from wire or flat stock. We manufacture very small, intricate parts, which may require bends greater than 90° or multiple bends and twists. We also produce larger components.

Traditional Stamping

While standard punch presses do not possess the operational flexibility of fourslide and multislide machines, our conventional high-speed presses provide cost-effective production. Our presses range from 10 to 22 tons that are capable of making 500 parts per minute.